NEW DELHI (Agencies) Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has admitted that Pakistan and India are facing trust deficit in bilateral relations. Talking to an Indian television channel, FM Qureshi stressed the need to bridge the trust deficit between the neighbouring countries and hoped to hold discussions with his Indian counterpart soon. Yes, there is a trust deficit, we have to bridge it. We have to find a way of bridging this trust deficit. We also have to find a way of building confidence and that is exactly I intend to do in the days to come, he said. The Indian Home Minister P Chidambaram is expected on June 26 for the Saarc Home Ministers conference. I intend to meet with him and discuss this issue with him, Qureshi said. I am expecting a meeting with the Minister of External Affairs SM Krishna on July 15 when we resume our dialogue. They are welcome to raise their concerns and we will sit and discuss them on the negotiating table. Qureshi added that the two prime ministers had given the responsibility of bridging the trust deficit to the foreign ministers of India and Pakistan. He reiterated that Pakistan was fighting a war against terrorism and believed that Pakistani soil should not be used against any other state. The evidence given by India against Hafiz Mohammad Saeed was not legally tenable to convict him, the FM stated. The Supreme Court of Pakistan had little choice in the matter as the Indian government had failed to produce evidence that was legally tenable, he told Indian news channel Times Now. He further said there was need for legally tenable evidence to nail Hafiz Saeed, contradicting Indias stand that it provided enough evidence for his prosecution. To pin someone down not only do you require evidence, you require legally tenable evidence, he said when asked on Indias dossiers on Hafiz Saeeds alleged role in 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Qureshi said that like the judiciary of India, the Pakistani judiciary was independent and their judgement must be respected. Last week, the Supreme Court of Pakistan dismissed appeals by the government against Hafiz Saeeds release from house arrest for want of evidence, in a setback to Indias efforts to nail him for his involvement in the Mumbai attacks. Qureshi, however, stressed that the policy of the Government of Pakistan was very clear and Islamabad take every effort to dismantle terrorist networks and that it would not allow its soil to be used against anyone. We condemn terrorism and will do our utmost to dismantle terrorist networks and not allow our soil to be used against anyone, he said. We are victims like anybody else. What you saw in Lahore was a very tragic incident. We are facing terrorists and fighting them. This fight will reach its logical conclusion and we will defeat them.