ISLAMABAD (APP) Dr Abdul Basit, a senior lawyer, here Monday hinted that he reserved his right to file a reference in his personal capacity against Chief Justice of Pakistan after Mondays proceedings. Dr Basit, also appearing as counsel for Federation in hearing of 18th Amendment, told mediamen at Supreme Court building that he was forced to divulge names of persons who instructed him to raise objection's over constitution of larger bench. Dr Basit to a question replied that he gave wrong statement before the bench but the Court had no rights under laws to force him for a confessional statement. He said that bench raised unlawful questions and these types of questions had never been asked by any Court of law from any lawyer in the world. He said that Secretary General to President of Pakistan Salman Farooqi had issued no instructions to him about raising objections on composition of larger bench. He said Farooqi was not involved in the matter and he supported Secretary Generals written statement submitted with the bench in which he emphatically denied his role in passing on instructions to Federation Counsel. He also claimed that the bench was trying to involve itself in political gimmick only.