ISLAMABAD - Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan and other PTI leaders have strongly condemned Israels inhuman attack on the aid Flotilla carrying relief goods for the Palestinians. In a statement, Monday, Imran Khan said the attack was a brazen violation of international law with Israel committing state terrorism in the international waters. PTI has appealed to the Islamic nations to collectively put pressure on the leaders around the world and launch an active protest against Israels illegal, reprehensible and terrorist actions. The CEC and the office-bearers of the PTI in a joint statement also said that the US hegemony had been directly responsible for destabilising the world peace with its policy of 'with me or against me and protecting Israel and its interests even when Israel is violating all the international norms and laws. It is time for the Muslim world to unite to safeguard their interests and ensure peace in the territory and that Pakistan must actively play a role in uniting the Muslim Ummah, they said in the statement. PML-Q leaders Ch Shujaat Hussain, Ch Pervaiz Elahi and Ch Moonis Elahi said the Israeli aggression against a civilian ship with Pakistan journalists on board is not only a stark violation of all international treaties but also a reflection of Israels continuous naked aggression against the innocent people. They urged the government to take up the matter up with the United Nations, the US government and European Union and all other friendly states having diplomatic ties with Israel. The PML-Q leaders demanded all-out efforts for the safe repatriation of the eminent Pakistani journalist Talat Hussain and members of his team.