LAHORE Chairman of Standing Committee of National Assembly for Sports Iqbal Mohammad Khan has slammed the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for lifting the ban on Shoaib Malik. Shoaib Malik is not so big a player that laws and rules be revised for him. The PCB should treat every player fairly and equally and every case on merit. The PCB should clarify on what grounds Shoaib Malik case was tested and punishment abolished, he was quoted as saying by Sports Encounter. Iqbal further stated that it was said in the meeting of Standing Committee that to improve the structure of cricket in Pakistan, the PCB should abolish the punishments of all the players or the PCB administration should also be punished with the players as they are also culprits. The PCB should abolish the punishment of Rana Naved as well because his case was same in nature as Maliks case. On talking about Younus, he said, The PCB should immediately remove ban on former Pakistani skipper. He is the main player for Pakistan and the PCB still was not able to prove any charges against him. It is hard to understand on what charges Younus was punished. The PCB was unfair with Younus Khan.