LAHORE The Scrutiny of football clubs of five Zones of District Karachi will be held at various grounds from June 1-5. The PFF scrutiny committee has appointed former Karachi Port Trust (KPT)s Sports officer and Head coach of Mauripur Baloch FC during Salma Begum Soccer Series, Jan Muhammad, to scrutinise the clubs of Karachi as Karachi Football Clubs Scrutiny Coordinator. All the clubs who have submitted the Club Information and Data Performa to PPF through Sindh Football Association (SFA) have been advised to attend the five-day Scrutiny Process with all their official/players and relevant documents as per schedule. Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Vice President Syed Khadim Ali Shah said the main purpose of the scrutiny was to eliminate the bogus clubs. The PFF is conducting Scrutiny of clubs under the directives of PFFs President Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat, in order to keep alive active clubs in the PFF files and to improve Club culture in the football of Pakistan. All the process of the Scrutiny would be based on merit and coaches working under AFC AID 27 Scheme and other qualified were being appointed to supervise it across the country, said Khadim Shah who is also SVP of South Asian Football Federation (SAFF). Jan Muhammad, Match Commissioner during Pakistan Premier Leagues and Super Football League, thanked Faisal Saleh Hayat for reposing confidence in him to act as scrutiny coordinator.