LAHORE - The Lahore High Court has summoned for June 17 Punjab Universitys Centre for Applied Molecular Biology (CAMB) Director Prof Dr Amin Athar for committing embezzlement of Rs 10 million in collaboration with the centres account officer. CAMB Incharge Dr Ahmed Usman Zafar filed the petition against Prof Dr Amin Athar in the Lahore High Court seeking recovery of the looted money of the scientific research centre. The petitioner submitted Dr Amin Athar took administrative control of the CAMB, an institute of the federal ministry for science and technology at PU, with the support of Abdul Haleem Asghar, an official of the ministry. Later, Dr Amin embezzled Rs 10 million in working in connivance with account officer of CAMB Sarfraz Ishaq and a fake admin officer of the centre Nazeer Muhammad. The court was told neither Amins notification of appointment as director was issued by the ministry of science nor he was given powers of DDO but he continued to keep hold of the centre for his vested interests and committed financial irregularities by adopting corrupt means. The petitioner told the court that to hide his embezzlement Dr Amin was doing a dirty propaganda in media against the staff and professors of the CAMB. The LHC summoned Prof Dr Amin directing him to appear before the court on May 17 and give his version against the allegations levelled against him.