LAHORE - Punjab University Academic Staff Association (ASA) has strongly condemned the Israeli brutal attack on the Flotilla aid ship from Turkey for Gaza settlers of Palestinians. The ASA convened an emergency meeting under the chairmanship of its President Dr Mehr Saeed Akhtar and General Secretary Dr Javed Sami which was largely attended by its members. The resolution adopted at the meeting said that this was the height of high-handedness on the part of Israel which defied all norms of human decency and civilization. The meeting called for immediate intervention of the UN and OIC to punish Israel. The ASA resolution said that the University teachers would stage a protest demonstration if appropriate action was not taken by the world community against Israel. Meanwhile, the Punjab University students staged a protest demonstration at Campus Bridge to condemn the Israeli barbarianism and killing of innocent aid workers. The students burst into slogans to express their anger against Israel.