ISLAMABAD Demanding judicial inquiry into the matter of Hunza lake, PML-Q has urged the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take suo moto notice against the Governments negligence in handling the situation besides rejecting the Chinas offer for technical assistance to deal with the disaster. Following her visit to the area, PML-Q legislator Marvi Memon in her letter to the Prime Minister has given the charter of demands on behalf of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan and PML-Q. According to the charter, PML-Q has demanded a judicial inquiry and requested the CJ for suo moto notice over why better techniques were not used to clear it faster and which Ministry has blocked Chinese technical assistance. Compensation announced by the Government has been rejected by the people and thus by PML-Q because it is tantamount to a joke considering its nominal nature in lieu of the land lost, houses to be rebuilt and their costs. The compensation package as discussed with DC Hunza and documented and agreed by the IDPs should be implemented immediately and announced, the charter of demands says. It maintained that the major concern is education and children of the area, who are studying down country, need to be given fee and hostel charges waivers. Their lands are destroyed and they need a years waiver. The charter further demands that KKH has been blocked for 5 months. Its blocking is a natural disaster which the Govt could have avoided had it acted on two reports by FOCUS and Geological Survey (end 2007 and September 2009). Milk for children is not available in all camps. Hot and clean water, sanitation toilets dismal and health are still among unsolved issues. The cattle they have brought to camps needs fodder. And the land they have left behind needs to be watered or else it will be destroyed. Relief goods are not reaching in same proportions as on paper, charter of demand revealed.