This is apropos to the letter ‘Closing libraries closing minds’ (April 21). There are many problems for library users, I am from Chitral and I recently completed my Master’s in Chemistry. My family can hardly support me here in Islamabad, as I am now preparing for competitive examinations. I attempted several times to use the National Library in Islamabad, which is at the back of the Prime Minister’s office.

I fail to understand why the library was made in an area which is inaccessible to common man! The route leading to the library is closed for ordinary transport due to security concerns. So, it takes 30 to 35 minutes to reach the library on foot. If libraries are meant for the citizens, it is the duty of the government to provide people with facilities so that they can reach libraries easily. But here, in the capital, it seems that libraries are meant only for bigwigs and the rich who have cars, not for the poor who actually use them, this tantamount to violation of the right of free movement. Security that hinders education, portents a bleak future for any nation and its individuals who want to use libraries.


Karachi, May 18.