ISLAMABAD - The National Telecommunication Corporation arranged high definition secure video link between the UK High Commission and PM Secretariat on last Monday enabling the prime minister to participate on real time basis in the crucial meetings at home. Talking to The Nation yesterday, Chairman NTC Viqar Rashid Khan said that they faced lot of difficulties in making arrangements to enable the prime minister for chairing meetings at home through a video link. He said that all items used in the event were procured instantly. We bought five high definition cameras and one 85 inch HD TV for the PM Secretariat while Pakistan’s embassy in London also bought cameras and TVs. We had to get opened the closed shops, he added. He said that multi-layer arrangements were made for the PM’s address. We had a dedicated fiber optic line, a standby DSL and a skype, he added. He further revealed that fiber optic connection for the PM’s participation from the UK high commission was also procured.

He said that the commission had only ordinary internet connection and they had to procure the fiber optic connection from a British company.

According to Chairman NTC, the major challenge was to safeguard the communication from any cyber attack.

On Sunday night some media reported that the prime minister will participate in meetings through a video link, and it made us our job more difficult, we employed all possible gadgets and human resources to make the communication secure and we did it, he added. He said during the meetings the prime minister talked to individual participants and gave his comments or recommendations.

The prime minister was seeing every slide, displayed at the PM Secretariat on real time basis, he talked to the chief ministers KP and Balochistan along with other members also, he added.

He said both offices were so connected that participants at the Prime Minister Secretariat were watching what is happening at UK High Commission and Prime Minister was seeing every member on real time basis.

Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif through a video conference from London presided over the cabinet meeting on Monday which approved budget proposals for next financial year.

Sharif also chaired the National Economic Council meeting through video link, which approved the National Development Outlay worth 1675 billion rupees for financial year 2016-17 besides setting the target of GDP growth at 5.7 percent.

It is our mandate to provide safe and communication services to sensitive organizations, including armed forces and defense projects by providing safe and secure crystal top notch video link on short notice, he said, adding the NTC has proved that it was capable of carrying out any difficult task.