CM LOS ANGELES - Gigi Hadid is a ‘great fit’ for Tommy Hilfiger because of the ‘values she represents’ and because of her authenticity.

The 22-year-old model was announced as the global brand ambassador the designer label in December 2015, and has since launched her own clothing range titled Tommy x Gigi, and the chief brand officer Avery Barker believes the blonde haired beauty is the perfect partner for the label because she is ‘’authentic, modern, beautiful American girl with a strong, smart point of view’’.

Speaking to Metro newspaper about the catwalk icon and her collaboration with the fashion house, Avery said: ‘’Gigi Hadid becoming a global brand ambassador for the relaunch of our women’s range and the values she represents are such a great fit for Tommy Hilfiger. She’s the authentic, modern, beautiful American girl with a strong, smart point of view.’’

And the fashion muse - who is currently dating singer Zayn Malik- has been praised for being hands on in the creative process, as the garments in her line are a mixture of both Gigi’s and the 66-year-old fashion designer Tommy’s ‘’best’’ ideas. Avery explained: ‘’She’s in every design meeting, fitting and prototype review. ‘’The collection reflects the best of Tommy’s ideas and the best of Gigi’s, and I think it’s mad e a big different to how consumers have responded to our brand.’’

The American company has recently launched TommyNow, which allows customers to buy the new line as soon as it is exhibited on the runway, and Avery believes the innovative platform will help to ‘’completely change the traditional business model’’.

She explained: ‘’Bringing TommyNow to life in just six months was a massive challenge and it required a tremendous amount of collaboration. We were leaning as we went, there was no road map. With this new platform, we were completely changing the traditional business model - you no longer had to wait until next season to purchase what you saw on the runway. But it worked and now I’m eager to champion innovation for brands and to find ways to evolve and step outside the comfort zone.’’