The tragedy might linger on for days, it might be discussed for months on multiple platforms but these scars will take years to heal and no recovery will ever comfort the wounds that remain so fresh and hurtful. The death of a 17-year-old girl, young in age but conditioned with mature thoughts leave us in a situation where we question the global security and safety conditions as much as we mourn her untimely death.   

A bright human with a dedication to bridge the gap between Pakistan and US went on a journey that ended too soon, however, the purpose of her travel will not lose its meaning as she paid the price of giving her life away and not even demanding anything but peace to prevail.

Now that we have buried her, a lot of questions clog our mind before we can bring ourselves to peace. Who is responsible for the young blood that had dreamt of conquering all borders and a vision that highlighted her among so many? What systems have been activated to address the concern?

How could the authorities treat a person in a foreign world who stood against all odds in an attempt to have her intellect recognized that too with optimism and anticipation of a brighter tomorrow so callously?

A lot of school shootings have taken place in the past but not a single change has ever occurred that we can credit the US government for.

However Sabika, we still hope your blood has left marks that will not go untraceable. 

At a time, when the ties between Pakistan and US are complicated, you dared to take the risk and went beyond all cautions in pursuit of enriched times. The unstable global affairs, rising extremism and the diseased gun culture were too mild to push you back instead you dared to step forward. Your death did not take with it your hopes and struggle but these are the very qualities that crown you as a warrior in our sight.

Being a girl, I admire your courage and salute your valor for your sacrifice will not go wasted as many like me look up to you and strive to have the same endurance that made you take the bullet right in. This tragic happening has not brought an end to your vision but gave a new start for all the Sabikas' wishing to have themselves recognised.

I hope we all realise that now is the time to step forward as you did and promise to work for a better world for which you paved the path.