LAHORE  - The Government College University has produced three doctors of philosophy (PhDs) in the fields of Mathematics and Persian.

The GCU Examination Department has issued notifications after approval of theses of Faira Kanwal Janjua, Deeba Afzal and Babar Naseem Assi.

Faira Kanwal Janjua and Deeba Afzal completed their theses on the topics of “Classification of Simple Singularities” and “A Classifier for Isolated Complete Intersection Singularities of Modality < 1” respectively under the supervision of Prof Dr Gerhard Pfister.

Babar Naseem Assi was notified as doctor of philosophy in Persian after the approval his thesis “Tadween-o-Tashi Intqadi Dewan Ratan Singh Zakhmi Ma’a Muqadma-o-Taliqaat” completed under the supervision of Dr Mazhar Mahmood Sherani.