At least two patients, both women, have died of suspected attack of Swine Flu here in Nishtar Hospital while the number of patients being brought to hospitals under the suspicion of deadly virus’s attack is mounting. The deceased women were identified as Humaira and Rubina.

Health sources revealed that one sister of the deceased Humaira namely Nasreen is also tested positive while the samples of her father-in-law, brother and other relatives are sent to NIH for lab tests. Sources further revealed that two patients were brought from Dera Ghazi Khan and another Kabirwala on suspicion of Swine Flu attack and their blood tests were being conducted. However, their names were not disclosed as the health authorities declined to share information regarding Swine Flu with the media.

Meanwhile, the health department has supplied medicines used for the treatment of Swine Flu along with diagnostic kits to the administration of Nishtar Hospital. Sources said that Farrah, a resident of Taunsa, and her physician Dr Saeed, who were tested positive, are being given treatment in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital. However, the condition of Farah is stated to be precarious and she is put on life support.

The Health Department suspects that the likely cause of Swine Flu outbreak could be the birds coming from Siberia. Meanwhile, the three teams constituted by the Livestock Department carried out checking of local poultry farms to mitigate the threat of swine flu spread. The District Officer Livestock Mansoor Ahmad told journalists that the teams had started sending samples from the poultry farms for lab tests. “We have issued an advisory to the citizens, asking them not to keep birds like parrots at their homes. Similarly, the owners of poultry farms are also asked to adopt all preventive measures,” he added.

LHC MULTAN TURNS DOWN MPS PLEA: A larger bench of Lahore High Court Multan Bench dismissed on Friday petitions filed by some parliamentarians against interim orders of Election Tribunal. The bench is consisted of Justice Qasim Khan, Justice Muhammad Ameer Bhatti and Justice Shahid Waheed that said in its decision that in light of constitution it was Election Tribunal that could make decisions on election petitions and the petitioners still had the right to file their appeals in Supreme Court.

According to details, MNAs Javed Hashmi, Raza Hayat Haraj and Saed Manais and MPAs Mehdi Abbas Langah, Bilal Akbar Bhatti, Arshad Malik, Hussain Jahanian Gardezi and Hanif Jutt had filed petitions in Division bench of LHC Multan Bench, requesting dismissal of election petitions from election tribunal filed against them by the losing candidates. One member of the division bench wrote decision in favour of dismissal of petitions while the other went against the petition. The reference was sent to the Chief Justice Lahore High Court, who ordered for constitution of a larger bench.

The losing candidates also presented their viewpoint before the larger bench, stating that their opponents came to the LHC Multan bench instead of election tribunal in a bid to spoil time. They further stated that the appropriate platform for filing these applications was election tribunal and if they had any objection on the decisions of the tribunal, they could file appeals in Supreme Court.