LAHORE - A 17-member team of Ajoka Theatre left for the US to perform its ‘Dara’ at the Memorial Hall of University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, on March 2 (tomorrow).

Written by Shahid Nadeem, the play is about the power struggle between the sons of Emperor Shah Jahan, Sufi Prince Dara and his fundamentalist brother Aurangzeb and has profound relevance to contemporary conflicting interpretations of Islam.  The crew comprises Nirvaan Nadeem, Usman Raj, Sohail Tariq, Uzma Kharal, Nayab Faiza, Muhammad Qaiser, Talha Akhtar and Furqan Majeed.  Shahid Nadeem said that Ajoka theatre is taking the Dara’s message of peace, goodwill, tolerance and religious harmony to the US as it the most appropriate time to spread it across the continents. Previously the Ajoka theatre staged “ Amrika Chalo” political satire on US-Pakistan relation in 2015 at Washington.”