NEW YORK - Finance Minister Ishaq Dar says he is confident that the Supreme Court was unlikely to give a ruling against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in the Panama case because Sharif's own name was not in the offshore companies. 

During an interview with Bloomberg News, an American financial news service, Dar was asked whether the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz had contingency plans in case PM Nawaz Sharif was disqualified by a corruption ruling due to be announced by the Supreme Court. 

Citing their legal advice, Dar said he was “very confident that a favourable decision is expected."

Bloomberg noted in the report that Dar, a long time ally to the Prime Minister, is often mentioned as a potential leader in the party outside the Sharif family, which he heads.

PTI chief Imran Khan brought the case to the Supreme Court in November after leaks last year from a Panama law firm that showed Sharif’s children used offshore companies, allegedly to make property investments in the UK.

Bloomberg said that the case has distracted the party and if the court finds the assets were illegally created, the Election Commission can declare Sharif ineligible to be a lawmaker and Prime Minister, potentially triggering a power struggle.

Sharif and his family have repeatedly denied any wrongdoing.