Canada's Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland has supported Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has faced allegations of interfering in a corruption case, saying that the prime minister would "never apply improper pressure" on an attorney general.

"I believe that [Wilson-Raybould] spoke, as she said she wanted to do, her truth… Having said that, I am clearly of the view that the prime minister would never apply improper pressure, that the prime minister has always been clear about the unique role of the attorney general, and would respect that," Freeland told the CBC Radio broadcaster.

On Wednesday, ex-Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould claimed in her testimony to lawmakers, that Trudeau's office had put pressure on her in order to help the SNC-Lavalin construction company avoid criminal prosecution on corruption charges, which might result in the company's ban on participating in government procurement if the firm is convicted. 

The crisis around Trudeau has resulted in an uproar among lawmakers, who held emergency debates on the situation late on Thursday.

The day before, Canada's opposition leader, heading the Conservative Party, called on Trudeau to resign.

The prime minister, in his turn, has denied allegations against him, saying that he sought to protect jobs and acted with respect to Canada's laws and institutions.