ISLAMABAD - The federal capital hospitals have been put on high alert by the government to meet any untoward incident in current security situation, The Nation learned on Thursday.

Federal Minister for National Health Services (NHS) has directed the hospital administration of Pakistan Institute of Medical Science (PIMS) and Federal Government Services Polyclinic Hospital (FGSPH) to take all necessary measures to tackle the emergency situation.

A meeting in this regard was held in PIMS where it was decided that a control room will be established at hospital where operator will be available round the clock.

The meeting documents said that it was also decided that except the emergency lights of the hospitals, rest of all lights would be switched off in hospitals. While additional stock of necessary equipment will be arranged.

The meeting decided that new duty roaster will be issued to driving staff and availability of nurses, student nurses, CMT students residing in hostels will be ensured to meet any emergency situation.

It was also decided that new emergency will be used as ward and minor operation for 40 patients. 10 beds on precath labs and 15 beds on 1st and 2nd floor will be available for emergency at PIMS.  Special duties will be assigned at Burn Care Centre (BCC) and children hospital.

It also decided to ensure the availability of blood in hospitals in case of emergency. While additional responsibilities will be given to staff for managing non medical departments. 

It added that every item including bed sheets, mattresses, pillows with cover, emergency lights and touches to be available in stores.

The deputy executive director will be the focal person at PIMS and account department will ensure that a reasonable amount in cash are available to be used in time of emergency.

Water supply, plumbing work and any other civil work will be looked after by a special in charge appointed for this purpose.

Availability of beds in wards will be responsibility of deputy director and chief nursing superintendent. Availability of food will be ensured and there will be no leave permissible for any official and all staff will ensure it’s attendance. 

Spokesperson Polyclinic hospital Dr. Shareef Astori talking to The Nation said that after the high alert the capacity of the facilities in the hospital has been doubled. 

He said that extra beds have been allocated and stock of blood has been increased in hospital.

He said that all staff will be available in hospital until the emergency situation continues.

Emergency declared at all

 govt hospitals

Meanwhile, Punjab government has also declared emergency in all public sector hospitals in the wake of rising tension between Pakistan and India.

According to a notification issued here by the secretary primary and secondary healthcare

department (P&SHD) leaves of specialists, doctors,nurses paramedics and supporting staff have been cancelled till next order.

The secretary directed all the Chief Executive Officers of District Health Authorities and all Medical

Superintendents of government hospitals at district and tehsil level to equip emergency, trauma and burn wards with adequate medicines particularly life saving drugs. All operation theaters ,lab and other equipments should be made fully functional within 24 hours,the secretary said. A readiness certificate compliance certificate must be submitted to command and control room of

P&SHD immediately, the notification directed. The medical superintendents of all civil hospitals and teaching hospitals should display the duty schedule of their doctors and paramedical staff prominently so that patients could easily contact

them,adding no negligence would be tolerated in this regard.