ISLAMABAD - The Capital Development Authority has prepared preliminary design of the widening of Rawal Dam roundabout and send it to structure directorate for finalisation.

The city managers have already mobilised its own machinery and done the earthwork on a protected U-turn while the tenders would be flouted to create slipways in coming days to avoid traffic congestion. The protected U-turn is being constructed by CDA through its own MPO directorate and earthwork has already been done while the carpeting is left behind due to continuous rains.

Construction of this U-turn will not only help reduce traffic burden on main roundabout but also help minimise traffic accidents on this busy road. 

According to plan, three slip roads will also be constructed in said vicinity to further ease the smooth traffic flow on this major avenue.

These roads will help lead the traffic emerging from Serena Chowk, Murree Road to Park Road, from Park Road to Faizabad, Murree Road and from Faizabad/Murree Road to Islamabad Club/Murree Road.

Earlier, the traffic coming from all side will have to pass through the main roundabout, which creates traffic congestion during peak hours, but the slip roads would enable the commuters to take their way without entering into Rawal Dam roundabout unnecessarily.  

The measure would help to reduce the load on main roundabout and minimize the chances of accidents.

When contacted the Director Public Relations CDA Syed Safdar Shah confirmed that the survey has been done and the design is at Structure Directorate for its finalisation.

“CDA would soon flouted tender to construct slip roads and then the work on ground would be initiated”, he said, adding: “The purposed cost of the project is not cleared yet.”  

The Chief Commissioner Islamabad who is also holding the additional charge of Chairman CDA Amir Ali Ahmed had directed the concerned formations to chalk out a comprehensive workable plan to fix traffic issues all over the city particularly at the Rawal Dam Chowk.

It is pertinent to mention here that such steps are temporary remedies for smooth traffic flow in the city and it cannot be considered as permanent solutions. The city manager would have to ultimately followed the master plan that suggests interchanges on such locations. 

Meanwhile, the city managers are about to open the Service Road South of sector G-6 leading the traffic coming from zero point to Abpara which would help to reduce pressure on Abpara traffic signal on main Kashmir Highway.