LAHORE : Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has said that Pakistan is not a weak country and its forces and the people will not hesitate to lay down their lives in defence of the motherland.

In a message, Nawaz Sharif said the enemy will repent if it ever dared to declare war on Pakistan. He thanked Allah Almighty for enabling him to make Pakistan a nuclear power. Nawaz said, Pakistan is not only a nuclear power but also superior to the enemy in conventional warfare.

He specially praised performance of the Pakistan Air Force feeling satisfied that due to his efforts the air defence of the country was equipped with JF-17 Thunder fighter jets.

He said after making Pakistan a nuclear power, his desire has been to make it economic might in the world as economic power goes side by side with the military strength.

Nawaz said, “I am ready to sacrifice every drop of blood for the sake of the country. I am ready to serve the country in any capacity,” the former PM, who is serving seven years jail in Al-Azizia reference, said.

Nawaz Sharif particularly called upon youth of the country to pool their power and abilities with the Pakistan Army in defending the motherland. He said to hold talks before shedding blood of the people is wiser than doing it after bloodshed.

The former PM said youth of the region needed strong economy for brighter future and not war.

Separately, talking to party leaders who met him in jail last day, Nawaz said that Pakistani forces gave a befitting reply to the enemy.

“Pakistan has always talked of peace as war is no solution to any problem,” he said adding, Pakistan is a Noor (light) which has no downfall.”

Several PML-N leaders including Maryam Nawaz on Thursday visited Lahore’s Kot Lakhpat Jail and held weekly meeting with former PM Nawaz Sharif.

According to jail officials, Maryam served homemade food to her father during the meeting which continued for an hour. Other PML-N leaders including Ameer Muqam, Tallal Chauhdry and Asif Kirmani also met their leader inside the prison.

The visitors inquired after the health of former prime minister and also discussed issues relating to national security and politics with him.

Nawaz is enjoying better-class in the jail with facilities like bed, chair, heater, newspapers, and TV.

The three-time PM is allowed once in a week to meet his relatives and friends. Thursday is fixed for Nawaz’s visitors by jail authorities.

Islamabad accountability court had handed seven years in prison to former PM Nawaz Sharif on corruption charges in December.