ISLAMABAD : The Indian Tri-Services press briefing on Thursday was an apology of highest order as their representatives remained totally clueless and confused and had no answers to the questions asked by media-persons.

They provided no damage assessment in favour of their claims of Balakot strikes at an alleged Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) camp.

The Indian Air Force official while answering a question said that it would be premature to give number of casualties (in Balakot). He said that they had done whatever they could and now it was up to the (Indian) government to give the evidence. Previously it had been claimed by India that it had killed 350 terrorists.

Similarly, no evidence of F-16, which they claimed was shot down could be presented. In brief it could be said that it was too ordinary media briefing by the top representatives of the three services of India with no information and clear replies to questions put by media-persons. They also presented parts of AMRAAM missiles and verified Pakistan Air Force strikes at least at four places in their area.