ISLAMABAD : The Missing Persons Commission has received 76 more new cases and total number of missing persons cases reached 5,853.

The Missing Persons Commission, out of 5,853 cases, disposed of 3,659 cases up to February 28, 2019, which is a great achievement as per the monthly progress report of cases of alleged enforced disappearances released by Farid Ahmed Khan, Secretary of the Commission.

A total number of 5,777 cases were received to the Commission up to January 2019. During February 2019, 76 more cases received by the Commission and the total numbers of cases reached 5,853.  The Commission of Inquiry on Enforced Disappearances, Islamabad during the month of upto Feb 28, 2019 disposed of 60 cases and now balance number of cases involved is 2194 upto Feb 28, 2019.

The Commission has conducted 751 hearings, 317 hearings in Islamabad, 81 in Peshawar, 239 in Karachi and 114 hearings in Lahore during February 2019.