ISLAMABAD : Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has issued an advisory for general public to protect their WhatsApp accounts against hijacking.

In this regard, the Authority has introduced simplified procedure of verification on app to avoid hijacking.

Mobile subscribers/WhatsApp users have been advised to follow four steps for verification to protect their WhatsApp account.

The Authority has explained that users should select three dots n upper right corner of WhatsApp, go to WhatsApp settings and click account.

As per second step click two-step verification and click enable under third step.

As per fourth step, enter same six-digit PIN twice and enter email address for future PIN recovery.

Reports about hijacked WhatsApp accounts in several countries have forced their cyber-security agencies to send out security alerts.

They’ve warned the general public about a relatively new method of hijacking WhatsApp accounts using mobile providers voicemail systems.

According to telecom experts, WhatsApp hacks are one of worrying trends. It was recently reported that around 90 cases

concerning WhatsApp hacks were received by Cyber Wing during November 2018.

Recently, WhatsApp accounts were hacked in Karachi and one of the reasons being quoted was lack of awareness among general public.