BAKU (AFP) - Gunmen burst into a university complex in Azerbaijans capital Baku on Thursday and killed at least 13 people in a shooting rampage, officials said. Details of the incident were unclear, but unconfirmed reports from local television said two gunmen had gone on a shooting spree at the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy, one of the most prestigious universities in the oil-rich former Soviet republic. Officials refused immediately to provide any details of the incident other than the number of dead and wounded. According to the current information, 13 are dead and 10 are wounded, a spokesman for the general prosecutors office, Eldar Sultanov, told journalists at the scene. Police said the incident had ended but refused to comment further. The operation is over, Azerbaijani interior ministry spokesman Ekhsan Zaidov told Russias state news agency RIA-Novosti. ANS television reported that two gunmen had burst into the school during morning lectures and made their way up a staircase, shooting as they went. The channel reported that one of the gunmen had killed himself. It said that both students and professors were among the dead. Quoting unnamed police sources, the Azeri Press Agency identified one of the gunmen as Nadir Shirkha, a Georgian citizen of Azerbaijani descent. Other reports said one of the killers had been of Syrian origin.