KARACHI - The bulls and bears continued playing hide and seek at the Karachi Stock Exchange while benchmark KSE-100-index kept on downward slide and shed 69 points on Thursday. The state-run funds grasped the market throughout the day to absorb panic selling owing to prevailing security situation in the country. Even the overwhelming results by the oil, banks and fertilizer sectors could help allay worries of the market. The index showed its volatility from the beginning when index swung twice. Last swung was quite a fast one as it recovered speedily with MCB leading the market. But eventually it was the bear run that prevailed. With the start of the day, the 100-index gained 15.10 points and touched the sessions high of 7,286.12 points but closed at 7,202.10 points by losing 69.20 points. Trading activities remained disappointing as market volume squeezed to 147.832mn shares as compared to the last trading session of 181.836mn shares on Wednesday. Total trading value of the stock market decreased to 6.692b rupees against the 8.287 billion rupees of the last session. Out of total 322 scrips at the KSE, 84 advanced, 225 declined and the worth of shares of 13 companies remained unchanged. Market Capitalization declined to Rs 2.145 trillion from Rs 2.167 trillion the other day. FFBL was witnessed as the volume leader with the trading of 13.207 million shares on Thursday. Other well-traded shares include Bank Al-Falah with 12.702m shares, National Bank 12.232m shares, Arif Habib Securities 7.830m shares, Jahangir Siddiqui 7.749m shares, OGDC 5.973m shares, PTCL 4.809m shares, Pak PTA 4.710m shares and MCB Bank 4.455m shares. Prominent gainers included Treet Corporation, gaining Rs 7.27/share with only 100 of its shares traded on Thursday, Unilever Pakistan added Rs4.58/share and closed at Rs1,950.58, Bata Pakistan gained Rs4.50/share and its value was increased to Rs777.83, Shield Corporation added Rs3.12/share and closed at Rs67.12, Noon Pak Closed at Rs53.58, adding Rs2.55/share, Cherat Paper gained Rs1.74/share and closed at Rs36.70. Major losers at the KSE included Wyeth Pakistan and it lost Rs22.49/share, closing at Rs1302.50 with the trading of only 40 shares, Hinopak Motor lost Rs9.16/share and closed at Rs174.14, Lakson Tobacco lost Rs9/share and its value was decreased to Rs193, Dawood Hercules lost Rs7.85/share and closed at Rs149.24, Packages Limited closed at Rs145.37, losing Rs7.26/share, Indus Motor lost Rs6.72/share and closed at Rs127.79, ICI Pakistan lost Rs6.63/share and closed at Rs126.15.