ISLAMABAD - Director General ISPR Major General Athar Abbas has said that 14 more militants were killed while an FC man was injured in the Buner operation on Thursday. He said this while briefing the media about the ongoing operation. He said that the security forces were exercising restraint during the military operation because the militants were using civilians as human shields. Athar also said the security forces continue to face resistance from the extremists as they have taken up positions in the mountains of the district. However, troops have taken full control of Dagar, the administrative capital of Buner district, he said. He also informed that troops were currently defusing Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), planted by the militants in the area. The operation is going slow because security forces were taking care to avoid collateral damage, Abbas said, adding it might take another week to complete the military operation in Buner. He said eight to 10 kms area in Dagar is under armys control and FC has established its headquarters there. He further said that no operation was being carried out in Chakdarah area. In a related development, the DG ISPR said that the security forces had destroyed four militant vehicles in the Qamber Bazaar and Lal Qilla areas of Lower Dir. Normalcy is returning to Lower Dir and the curfew has been relaxed in the area from 8:00 am and 1:00 pm, he added. While talking about situation in Swat, he said the Swat peace agreement is still intact. He said that taking over properties of the common people, armed patrolling, target killing of the security personnel and government officials and kidnapping for ransom were the flagrant violations of the peace deal. Militants are kidnapping and killing security personnel in violation of Swat peace agreement, General Ather alleged, adding, the security forces are, however, showing restraint in order to keep the peace agreement intact. Answering a question, he said that involvement of the foreign agencies could not be proved so easily. Its a difficult task. Intelligence agencies keep on collecting evidences and related countries are informed about that, he added. When asked from where the militants were getting arms, Athar said intelligence reports suggest these weapons were coming from border areas of Afghanistan and its neighbours. To another question he said army is using helicopters and better equipment to check their movement. We need more sophisticated weapons, he added. He said that Pakistan had requested the US for provision of helicopters, combat helicopters, communications equipments and other sophisticated weapons. Agencies add: The Army said the Taliban were holding the population of Buner hostage. Army spokesman Maj-Gen Athar said troops were encountering stiff resistance from militants in Buner as they fought their way toward insurgent strongholds. The district is 60 miles from Islamabad. He said the military was trying to calculate the overall death toll. Athar said the security forces launched the new offensive against Taliban militants on Thursday morning. The security forces engaged militants hideouts with full force, he added. Responding to a question, the spokesman said it was difficult to give a timeline for the operation. On the other hand the militants blew up a police checkpost in Babaji Kandow and Chinglai area. Due to clamping of curfew the people were confined to their homes. Some people were migrating to comparatively safer places of Buner. Meanwhile, armed persons in Swat kidnapped four police personnel in separate incidents from Tehsil Charbag and Amankot areas. The kidnapped persons were identified as Asmat Ali, Bukht, Room and Sami-ullah. On the other hand the police vacated Kalam Police Station, which was occupied by the militants. Meanwhile, troops pounded Taliban hideouts for a third consecutive day Thursday in Buner. Army spokesman Major General Athar Abbas said the military was verifying an overall death toll and much of the district of Buner, where around one million people live, remained in Taliban hands. Abbas said the militants had taken over police stations in three villages and were holding 52 police officers and paramilitary soldiers hostage. Residents in one village said Thursday that militants were putting up stiff resistance and had blown up two unmanned police checkpoints. Security forces backed by warplanes began pushing into Buner and troops ousted militants from the Ambela Pass leading over the mountains into Buner and were inching toward the north, army spokesman Maj-Gen Athar Abbas said. Abbas said security forces had won control of at least two passes on Thursday, but were having to move carefully because of roadside bombs. Soldiers opened fire on four suspected suicide car bombers who drove toward them near the pass, Abbas said. Two vehicles exploded while the other two managed to drive away. No troops were hurt, he said. Troops also destroyed four militant vehicles in Dir, a district to the west, Abbas said. One soldier was injured in the previous 24 hours, he said. Abbas said militants, who have kidnapped dozens of lightly armed police and paramilitary troops, had burnt a police station farther north and sealed off the town of Sultanwas. The people of Sultanwas are in great distress, Abbas said. Nobody is being allowed to move out of Sultanwas. A Taliban spokesman could not be reached immediately for comment. He also delivered a warning to the Taliban in Swat for failing to keep their side of the bargain after the government accepted demands to establish Islamic Sharia courts across the Malakand Division. The terrorism, terrorising of people of the area is continuing unabated and this we consider a gross violation of peace deal, Abbas said. Abbas said the militants had refused to disarm, had abducted security forces personnel and killed policemen and civilians.