LAHORE - The aviation circles are considering suspension of flights to and from Mexico for the time being till that country recovered from swine flu syndrome. A senior officer of CAA seeking anonymity said that various airlines operating to and from Mexico were considering to suspend their flight schedule for a week to avoid swine flu affected passengers landing in their respective countries. The sources informed that already a volume of passengers travelling to Mexico had dropped considerably since the outbreak of swine flu there. Meanwhile, three staffers of a multi-national company based in Lahore who were affected by the swine flu and were scheduled to land at Lahore Airport at 3 am on Friday morning on board EK-622 flight might be handed over to Dubai authorities during stop over of the flight at Dubai Airport for further treatment or to deport them to Mexico, CAA officials stated. Mexico city is the place where present outbreak of swine flu originated killing dozens of people and affecting foreigners as well. It is worth mentioning here that a multi-national IT company has intimated CAA officials at the airport that three of their officials with symptom of swine flu will land at Lahore Airport by the above mentioned flight. Health department sources disclosed that after the intimation of arrival of swine flu patients CAA has arranged three rooms at Sheikh Zayed hospital for their treatment. According to the sources CAA officials were informed by the multi-national company that its three officials who had been sent to Mexico for training purpose were somehow affected by the swine flu and now they were coming back by Emirates Airline from Mexico via Dubai. The company requested CAA authorities to make full arrangements for their isolation and treatment. Spokesman of CAA claimed that CAA was in contact with Health Department at all its International Airports and as per instructions the passengers having symptoms of swine flu would be kept in isolation at the airport for six hours passing them through examinations to wait for results. CAA sources claimed that a passenger coming from New York flight Pk-722 had no swine flu rather had minor temperature due to which he was shifted to Sheikh Zayed Hospital. Regarding swine flu spreading in US, Canada and other regions, PIA has activated its Emergency Response Centre (ERC) to help control the viral infection swine flu, among PIA passengers, in case infected passenger came on board or travelling PIA. Face Masks are being provided for preventing spread of this communicable disease as a pro-active measure.