LAHORE - The Lahore High Court has directed the acting advocate general Punjab to apprise the court on Monday (May 4) how and why the detention orders of Ameer Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JD) Hafiz Saeed and three other leaders were issued when the United Nation never made such demand. Earlier, the federal government in its reply had submitted that these leaders were detained following the sanctions imposed by the Sanction Committee of the United Nation Security Council. The court remarked that the UN had only asked for a ban on travel of these leaders, freezing of the JD accounts and cut supply of arms to JD but there was no insistence to detain them. A deputy attorney general (DAG) argued that the compliance of UNs demand was not possible without detaining these leaders. The court replied that it would not be wise thinking, to prefer shooting those people to whom could not be stopped from doing something. DAG submitted that the habeas corpus petition was not maintainable, as a review board comprising three LHC judges had extended the detention period of the petitioners. The court remarked that review boards order was administrative in nature and it could not be called a judicial. Before the review board the concerned person had no right to defence. The court asked the provincial governments counsel to assist the court about the detention order, as the UN had not wanted any such action. Petitioners counsel AK Dogar in his arguments said the impugned order was unconstitutional, as the UN had no authority to interfere in the countrys affair. He said the UN could not make such decision against sovereignty of a state. He said the provincial government claimed that it passed the order after the federal government had asked to do so, which had no sound footings as the federal government only directed freezing accounts of the JD and not to take the leaders in custody. He requested to issue a direction in the nature of habeas corpus requiring the respondents that the petitioners be brought before the court and it be declared that they were being held in custody without lawful authority and in an unlawful manner. Col (r) Nazeer Ahmad, Mufti Abdul Rehman and Ameer Hamza are the other detained leaders of the outfit.