WASHINGTON - US Defence Secretary Robert Gates Thursday urged Congress to pass an $83.4 billion spending bill for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan 'as quickly as possible', including assistance for Pakistans counter-terrorism efforts. However, a leading Democratic Senator Richard Durbin said the US Congress was unlikely to pass an emergency aid package for Pakistan. After Memorial Day, we will need to consider options to delay running out of funds, Gates told a US Senate panel, referring to the May 25 national holiday. Money to reimburse Pakistan for its operations against extremists along the border with Afghanistan will run out in mid-May, he said. Gates and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testified before the Senate Appropriations Committee, seeking support for the bugetary request for US military operations and foreign aid programmes. The funding request for the remainder of fiscal year 2009 includes $75.8 billion for combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, and $7.1 billion for State Department programmes, including economic aid for Pakistan and funds to help Afghanistan improve agriculture. The request before Congress includes $400 million to equip and train Pakistans military to fight insurgents within the country. The money would be the first installment in a $3 billion, five-year plan. Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell told reporters this week that $700 million more would be sought in the fiscal year 2010 defence budget. The request also includes $3.6 billion to accelerate the growth of the Afghanistans army. Beefing up that force was part of the strategy to thwart militants in Afghanistan and parts of Pakistan that Obama announced last month. The request would bring the total cost of military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan to more than $900 billion. Gates said this would be the Pentagons last supplemental request for war funding. Starting with fiscal 2010, the Defence Departments regular budget will include money for overseas contingency operations clearly marked as such, he said. AFP adds: A leading Democratic Senator Richard Durbin said Thursday the US Congress was unlikely to pass an emergency aid package for Pakistan separate from a broader measure to fund wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I dont think its likely, Durbin said when asked whether the Senate would take up a Pakistan aid measure before the 83.4-billion-dollar supplemental spending legislation for the two conflicts. That package includes about 1.4 billion dollars for Pakistan but may not pass the US Congress for weeks, and some lawmakers have warned that it could be too late to help the war on terror ally. US President Barack Obamas administration has said it wants to speed up to 400 million dollars for Pakistan, and told lawmakers that it may seek other avenues for the funding if they fail to act, according to congressional aides.