TNSM chief Maulana Sufi Muhammad will establish contact with the government after reaching Amaan Darra area today. Talking to a private TV channel, TSNM spokesman Ameer Izzat said that Maulana Sufi will convey the government his views on the situation surfaced after security forces' operation against Taliban in Buner and other areas. He said that Sufi was scheduled to reach Amaan Darra on Thursday, but could not do so due to severe pain in his foot. Agencies add: Maulana Sufi said that the ongoing military operation in Buner and Maidan would further promote Talibanisation in the country. Addressing a grand jirga in Lower Dir, he said that the government violated peace deal by starting operation, maintaining that he will be responsible for peace after Sharia is imposed. He demanded of the government to immediately halt military operation in Buner and Lower Dir. The TNSM Chief also demanded the government to compensate those affected by the operation. He said that Qazis appointed by the government were not qualified while the government does not accept the names suggested by him and this is the main conflict. He added that the ulemas were big hurdle in the enforcement of Sharia. He said that those carrying arms after establishment of Darul Qaza would be considered rebels. The jirga, which was attended by political parties and tribal elders, authorised Maulana Sufi to take decisions. It was also decided in the jirga that another jirga would be held at Lal Qila today. The jirga appointed Maulana Amanullah as head of grand jirga. According to jirga sources, TNSM Chief left for an undisclosed location for talks with the government.