ISLAMABAD - Education policy of the country should be envisaged according to the provisions of constitution and the ideology of our country, said the speakers while addressing a seminar titled A Review of Education Policy 2009 organised by The Thinkers an Islamabad-based intellectual forum. Addressing the seminar, Senator Prof Ibrahim of Jamat-e-Islami who is also a member of Senate standing committee on Education and Science and Technology said the very essence of Islam and the history of Pakistan have been ignored in the policy. He quoted that being a member of the Senate Committee on Education he was deliberately assigned to work on sanitation and street construction in NWFP, which is contrary to his real responsibility. Former Minister for Education and spokesman of PML-N Ahsan Iqbal said that education system needed implementation of action plan rather than a policy.He maintained that 70percent of our public sector education institutions lacked the basic facilities like computer labs, science labs etc. He said that the govt should enhance facilities for teacher and also address the service structure of teachers. Strengthening capabilities of teachers, providing proper training was the need of the day, he said. He further said that the countrys education system was against the needs and aspirations of our society. He said there was lack of creativity and universities production and needs of our society were against each other. To address the weaknesses of our education system, we need a strong commitment, he said. He further said the medium of instruction should be Urdu because all the developed nations of the world have achieved their success by adopting national language as a medium of instruction. Mushahid Hussain Sayed, Secretary General PML-Q while speaking on the occasion said that elite class of society was against education since the creation of Pakistan. He termed it as pre-planned and a conspiracy to keep masses uneducated. Currently, we must enhance teachers status, their capabilities by providing them proper training and facilities, he further said. Hamid Hussain He maintained that the class-based education system should be eliminated and there should be single education system for every one that must be improved with passage of time and according to the needs of the day. Earlier, the chief patron of The Thinkers Forum Syed Mohammad Bilal in his welcome address said that the education policy 2009 was prepared to meet the challenges of the current era but lacked potential to face the domestic challenges. Hamid Hussain