LOS ANGELES TS - Robert Pattinson sets up ‘lie detector test’ for girlfriend Kristen Stewart.

The actor needs to get a new acting job sharpish - he’s been watching too much Jeremy Kyle on his days off. He played a prank on his missus Kristen Stewart after pictures surfaced last week of her getting into a car with a man.

The driver was the doppelganger of film director Rupert Sanders, who the actress was caught having an affair in a car park last year. But the bloke driving was actually the valet for a posh restaurant who Rob knows well after visiting so many times. He decided to mock up an appointment message from a local lie detector specialist, and suggested Kristen attends the session to prove she was telling the truth about the meeting.

A source said: “Kristen and Rob have been getting along brilliantly recently. He just laughed when someone showed him those pictures - he knows the valet well and thought he would have some fun by setting up a lie detector test then asking Kristen to take part. Luckily she saw the funny side of it.”