LAHORE - Jamaat-i-Islami Secretary General Liaqat Baloch has said that the politicians who have been tested and tried many a time, are an undue burden on the national politics.

Talking to party workers, Baloch who is also secretary general of Muthida Majlise Amal said the religious leadership in the MMA would steer the country out of the numerous crises it was facing.

He said that the exploitative system prevailing in the country for the last seventy years had ruined every sphere of life especially education, agriculture, health sectors and industry. Corrupt mafia had been ruling the country so far.

He said the MMA would wipe out the exploitative system with the support of the general public. He said that the National Workers Convention in Islamabad on May  two, would mark the beginning of the MMA’s countrywide mass contact drive.

Baloch said that the people of the Punjab had deep love for the Islamic way of life and the Holy Prophet (pbuh), Therefore, if the religious forces were united, the feudal lords, vaderas and capitalists ruling the country could be easily ousted.

He criticized the federal budget saying that the sixth budget of the ruling party was also a manifestation of a failed economic policy. 

He said that if the nation expressed its confidence in the MMA, it would abolish the interest based economic system and put the country on the path of progress and prosperity.