LAHORE - Despite the repeated announcements that no military action is on the cards in North Waziristan, directives have been issued to the provincial governments about formulating a contingency plan to tackle any possible reaction to the suggested move. According to some reliable sources, the US during the latest round of strategic dialogue has conditioned various aid packages to military operation in the restive tribal region. The development is a result of the opinion held by various US institutions, which are urging the President Barack Obama that the desired objectives in Afghanistan can never be achieved unless a comprehensive action is taken in the militants hotbed. They are also of the opinion that the Taliban factions, both in Pakistan and Afghanistan, must be pressurised for making them ready to sit at the negotiating table. But the policymakers in Pakistan have different point of view, as they think that any action in North Waziristan would resultant in fierce resistance across the border, affecting the national security negatively in various parts of the country. On the other hand, the well-entrenched extremists are busy to oppose any attempt to establish govt writ through a military action. In a pamphlet, distributed on Oct 24 in North Waziristan, they warned the govt of an unending war in Pakistan. The area houses various Taliban groups having differences on various issues, particularly over activities in Pakistan. But it is feared that the operation may unite them on a single platform. That is why the Pakistani decision-makers were insisting on talks with militants. The US stance, raised forcefully at latest dialogue, made Pakistan to assure the hosts of military showdown but according to the countrys interests and on a suitable time. The govt sources say the decision is not easy and possible only after detailed deliberations between the political leadership and the officials related directly the operation.