Multan Regional Police Officer (RPO) Amjad Javed Saleemi along with Khanewal DPO Rana Ayyaz Saleem visited Police Lines and carried out inspection here the other day.

He also chaired a meeting with the police officers of the district

Speaking on the occasion, the RPO directed the police officers that they should play their role as ‘crime fighters.’ He said that the officers should work as a public servant for the provision of relief and security to people. He advised them that they should restore the uniform’s sanctity and trust among the public instead of turning it into a sign of terror. He said that there was no room for corrupt and inefficient officers in the Police Department.

All field police officers briefed the RPO about the crime figures, progress of arrest of proclaimed offenders and over all law and order situation in their respective areas. The RPO advised the police officials to launch a comprehensive campaign to create awareness among police officials about the code of ethics at regional level.

The RPO lauded the district police performance during the flood across the district. He directed the police officers to speed up their action against the narcotics, gambling, illegal weapons and the other social evils.