LAHORE - Medics condemned the incident of thrashing of a doctor at the hands of his colleagues, saying that some vested interests tarnished the image of medical community just to please their masters.

A group of doctors, led by Dr Izhar Chaudhry, thrashed Dr Salman Patel for raising ‘Go-Nawaz-Go’ slogan during speech of Advisor to Punjab Chief Minister on Health Kh Salman Rafiq at oath taking ceremony of PMA Punjab team at Royal Palm Country Club o Monday.

Movement for Restoration of PMA held an emergent meeting for discussing the issue and devising future strategy.

Prof Sami Mumtaz, Prof Tahseen Riaz, Dr Hamid Awan, Prof Azim Jhangir, Dr Faroogh Zahra, Dr Ahmad Shahzad, Dr Ahmad Mumtaz, Dr Sibtain and others attended the meeting. The participants condemned torture on Dr Salman, best graduate from Nishter Medical College Multan.  They demanded action against Dr Izhar Chaudhry and others over the torture.

Young Doctors Association also condemned the incident, saying that Dr Izhar Chaudhry not only manhandled Dr Salman Patel but also tried to deprive him from his democratic right.

“Dr Izhar Chaudhry tried to strangulate Dr Salman Patel to please his master. He should be punished for the cowardly act of thrashing of a doctor in the presence of Adviser on Health,” said Dr Khuzaima.