North Korea’s Kim Jong-un has piled on so much weight that he has fractured both his ankles and remains in hospital after an operation, it was reported today. The leader of the impoverished nation is estimated to have ballooned to 20 stone as a result of fine wining and dining - putting enormous pressure on his feet and legs.

A source who has recently returned to the South Korean capital, Seoul, from the North said Kim, believed to be aged 31, is still in hospital under guard from his personal protection team.

Bodyguards have been posted around the ward of the Pyongyang hospital and security remains tight, the source told Seoul’s Chosun Ilbo newspaper.

‘There’s been a marked increase in the number of elite officials visiting the ward,’ said the source, whose comments were supported by an intelligence official in Seoul who said Kim’s official car did not appear to have left Pyongyang in recent weeks. Obese Kim is believed to have sprained then fractured his ankles during a gruelling tour of military bases and factories in shoes with Cuban heels to give him a little more height and a physical appearance of more authority.