KARACHI - A man who filmed passengers preventing former interior minister Rehman Malik from boarding a plane for being late has been sacked from his job.

Arjumand Hussain and others accused Rehman Malik of holding up the Pakistan International Airways flight.

Mr Hussain says he was given no reason for his dismissal and does not regret standing up against “VIP culture”. His employers deny his sacking was over the protest video, which went viral. Mr Malik denies holding up the flight. Mr Hussain’s footage of Rehman Malik and another politician - Ramesh Kumar Vankwani of the ruling PML-N party - being harangued by angry passengers struck a chord with many Pakistanis.

The video was shared on social networks with many praising the passengers who took action. PIA at that time confirmed that the delay was due to a technical fault, but later said that there was a “further unnecessary delay” that resulted in action against PIA staff. Two employees of PIA were subsequently suspended.

Narrating his side of the story to a private TV channel, Hussain said, “I went to work the other day and was told that the company doesn’t need my services anymore,

I returned home quietly and I have no


“I only stood for our rights as Pakistanis and as plane passengers,” he said, sticking firmly to his stance that protesting against wrongdoings is his democratic right and he will continue to do so.

Dismissing claims that he was abusive during the protest, Hussain said the video speaks for itself. “We were just protesting against our system,” he said.