ISLAMABAD - As a five-member larger bench, headed by Chief Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk, will resume hearing the case to remove Pervez Musharraf's name from Exit Control List (ECL) today, the former army chief filed an application for adjournment.

In his application, filed before the apex court Tuesday, the former President prayed to the Supreme Court to adjourn the ECL case hearing, as his counsel, Farogh Naseem, was busy before the Special Court hearing high treason case under Article 6 of the Constitution against him.

Indeed there is no cavil that with the proposition that the Supreme Court has been given preference, being the apex court. However, in view of the peculiar circumstance of the high treason case in the Special Court it was prayed that in the larger interest the case be adjourned.

Meanwhile, advocate Col (retd) Inam-ur-Rahiem filed an application under Order V Rule 2 (2) of Supreme Court Rules 1980 for impleading party in ECL case. In his application, he said that the ex-military dictator had deliberately concealed about his corruption case in a petition filed before the Sindh High Court for removing his name from ECL.

Musharaf in his petition vide CP No D-2072/2014 before Sindh High Court had mentioned only about four criminal cases - murder case of Benazir Bhutto, murder case of Nawab Akbar Bugti, Lal Masjid operation, and judge detention case, but intentionally hide the corruption case in which the Islamabad High Court had issued notices to him.

The Col (retd) stated Pervez Musharaf was involved in massive corruption, committed economic crimes and caused a loss to the government properties and was also defaulter of tax and other liabilities, which provided a sufficient ground to place his name on ECL as per Rule 2(a) and (b) of the Exit from Pakistan Control Rules 2010.

The applicant filed two complaints/references on 2nd and 10th April, 2013 before Chairman NAB against Musharraf as he as COAS and as Chief Executive of Pakistan committed massive corruption. However, the NAB chief did not take any cognizance of the said references and vide letter dated 25-04-2013 maintained that the allegations pertain to the tenure of former Gen Pervez Musharraf as COAS/President of Pakistan which do not fall under the ambit of NAO 1999 being a serving officer.

Resultantly, during January 2014, the applicant had filed a writ petition (50/2014) before the Islamabad High Court, making the chairman NAB and ex-military general as parties. The IHC after listening the arguments issued notices to the respondents, adding the matter is still pending adjudication before the IHC.