KARACHI- United States Consul General in Karachi has said the US not intends to interfere in the internal politics of Pakistan.

According to sources, US Consul General Brian Heath after opening trading at Karachi Stock Exchang (KSE) during a visit of the stock market was talking to journalists.

Brian Heath said that he had no advice for the participants of the sit-ins in Islamabad, however, he called them to show a sense of wisdom and discernment.

He said foreign investors intend to invest in a peaceful country adding that Pakistan should create an investment friendly environment. The US diplomat said that the efforts were being made to strengthen the economic ties between Pakistan and United States.

The US is cooperating with Pakistan in education, infrastructure, and transfer of technology and in various other sectors, the US diplomat said. He said the US is especially focusing over Pakistan for promotion of regional trade. He said the promotion of Pak-US economic relations will help to end unemployment in the country.