LAHORE (PR): Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) has, over the years, built an extensive infrastructure for contributing to the socio-economic uplift of the country. Its activities span a wide spectrum: from nuclear power generation to minerals development, from developing high yielding, stress tolerant crops to the treatment of cancer, and from design and fabrication of industrial plants/equipment to human resource development.

Nuclear power is pollution free, cost competitive and safe. It is independent of seasonal effects and provides security of electricity supply. Owing to these unique characteristics, it augurs well for sustainable development. PAEC is successfully operating three nuclear power plants with two more under construction, has more than three decades of experience in safe operation of nuclear power plants at its credit and plans to build more nuclear power plants in the coming years to contribute to the energy requirements of the country.

* Prospecting, exploration and processing of minerals for local industry, and provision of expert geo-technical services in these areas

* Indigenous development of nuclear fuel and materials for local nuclear power plants

PAEC is assisting the industry in its growth and competitive capability by providing:

Design and fabrication services for the manufacture of large-scale mechanical systems, complete plants and modules

Training/certification in welding techniques and site services for manufacturing & installation of plants

Training/certification in Non-Destructive Testing Techniques along with services for testing of manufactured equipment and in-service inspection of plants

PAEC undertakes design and installation of Instrumentation & Control Systems for its own projects and for the general industry. Various services are being provided in this area.

* Contributing to basic research in collaboration with world scientific bodies

* Assisting local industry through Research & Development

Based upon the excellence of its research labs and human resource quality, PINSTECH, a research institute of PAEC has been declared Regional Resource Centre of IAEA.

PAEC have established 18 state-of-the-art Cancer Hospitals spanning the country and their number is increasing with time. At these centres, thousands of deserving patients receive free or highly subsidized treatment.

* Over the years, PAEC has developed more than 79 new high yielding, stress tolerant crop varieties, which are fetching additional income to the farmers

* Providing Saline Agriculture Technology for economic utilization of salt-affected lands in the country. Expert services in this area are provided to IAEA member countries

* Offering irradiation services for enhancing shelf life of fruits and vegetables

* Development of an indigenous and low cost Laser Land Leveler, which drastically reduces irrigation water requirement to crops

* Leading role in Bio-Tech research and applications

PAEC’s institutes namely Pakistan Institute of Engineering & Applied Sciences (PIEAS), and Karachi Institute of Power Engineering (KINPOE) offer Masters and Ph.D. degree programmes in Chemical & Materials Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Information Technology, Medical Sciences and Nuclear Power Engineering.