Following PTI Chief Imran Khan, Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) chief Allama Tahir ul Qadri Tuesday hinted to wind up his sit-in by saying that he would extend his protest across the country.

Political experts suggest that these moves of Imran and Qadri indicate that they are now looking for a graceful exit from their sit-in in the federal capital that now has entered 48th day. Imran already has started rallies in other cities of the country while keeping his container intact in the capital in the custody of Qadri.

Now Qadri has announced to expand his sit-ins across Pakistan that indicates that he also desires freedom from his self-imposed prison in his container. Qadri while addressing his followers said that Islamabad’s sit-in would soon turn into a nationwide movement. Addressing his supporters at D-Chowk, Qadri said that sit-ins would be staged in every town, tehsil and district of Pakistan when time came. “The world will soon see how a revolution is brought about,” he pledged.

The PAT chief said that PPP was beginning public rallies to stop their workers from joining other parties. He said that his 2013 long march taught the constitution to every child.

 Qadri said that he would persuade citizens to take to streets for their rights. While mentioning his accomplishments of his sit-in, he said, “Has it ever happened in the history that a case is registered against sitting prime minister and ministers.”

He said a time could come when sit-ins would be staged in all parts of the country. He asked the rulers to step down before such a juncture came.

The PAT chief said the sit-ins in Islamabad had given common man a sense of Article 62 and 63 of the Constitution. He said he was fighting battle to make Pakistan a progressive and developed country.

He said serious results will come out once the inqilab march ends in Islamabad.

 “VIPs are now being thrown out of planes.” The credit for change in perception of people goes to the participants of sit-in.

“Khursheed Shah has advised Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to step down by himself,” Qadri said, questioning why Shah had not made this demand on the floor of Parliament. “I want to make Pakistan a great South Asian country. We are fighting a war for Pakistan’s future,” he added.

During his speech, he smelled that his followers were taking an impression that they were now allowed to go to their homes.  To dispel the impression, he said that he had not yet announced to end the sit-in and the participants should only leave after his announcement.