Islamabad- Senior leader of Pakistan Peoples Party Aitzaz Ahsan said that slogan of “Go Nawaz Go” was chasing the Prime Minister and Ministers, if the right planning would not be formulated then this slogan would spread across the country.

Talking to journalists Aitzaz Ahsen said that Peoples Party was against the midterm elections, Peoples Party was facing a lot of political problems in Punjab. He said we will have to do reorganization of party in Punjab, I am not a candidate of any designation in Peoples Party, we will make the party more efficient, he added.

Aitzaz Ahsen said Peoples Party will be stable in Punjab after some time, I or party has no difference to the thinking of Khursheed Shah. Khursheed Shah is a good human being and to impose allegations of corruption on him is not fair, he asserted. He said Sindh High Court has disposed off all the allegations of NAB against him.