Islamabad - Participants of a workshop on Tuesday urged the government to take effective measures to cope with the challenges posed by climate change as it costs Pakistan economy in billions of rupees.

The government’s insufficient response to shifting weather patterns and towards food, water, energy and extreme weather continues to cost national economy to a large extent and is depriving people of livelihood, the participants said during the two days long climate change sensitisation workshop titled ‘Approaches to a Climate Sensitive Growth’ organised by Individualland Pakistan in collaboration with Friedrich Naumann Foundation. Experts said that institutions are ill-prepared in disaster management; therefore there is an urgent need to further improve the capacity of different institutions.

 and ensure better coordination among different departments in order to cope with climate extremes.

Participants of the workshop included journalists from Quetta, Peshawar, DI Khan and Islamabad. Sundas Syeda and Zulfiqar Haider moderated the event on behalf of Individualland Pakistan.

This year’s floods have once again reminded Pakistani citizens about their increasing vulnerability to natural disasters. “In the absence of micro, small, medium or large dams and water storage facilities, the chaotic floods will return every year like a monster” an expert said.

Another participant said, “It is also our individual responsibility to adopt the use of renewable energy; however, this will require changes in our individual lifestyles.” He added that in order to encourage citizens to adopt renewable energy resources to fulfil their energy needs, the government needs to subsidise the equipment, as it is quite expensive.

Dr Almut Besold of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, while giving the opening remarks at the workshop was of the view that the whole world is shifting its focus on climate change due to the fact that its effects are hampering the everyday activities of humans across the globe.

Two short documentaries on the effects of climate change and renewable energy were also screened on the occasion.

The presentations also focused on the potential of renewable energy and the role the media can play to highlight the use of renewable energy in the country.