BERLIN (PR): Transparency International Berlin, in an effort to protect itself from the actions of its Pakistan Chapter, has effectively disowned Transparency International Pakistan (TIP) before the court of Law at Berlin, Germany.

Declaring TIP as “legally and factually” independent, Transparency International Berlin claims it has no control over its Pakistan chapter. This was via a sworn affidavit submitted by Chairman Haugette Labelle of Transparency International in German court, Kammergericht Berlin (Apeal Court).

Chairperson clarifying its position narrated before the court that TI Berlin is a German civil law association that acts as the umbrella organization of an international network of so called ‘Nationa Chapters’ established under the respective domestic laws and Transparency International Pakistan, a trust under Pakistan law, is such a nation a chaptor.

According to the details the saga started when Transparency International Pakistan started a letter writing campaign against some financial institutes including the JS Bank last year. It is interesting to note that at the time over 95% of letters written by Transparency International Pakistan were by an “advisor” Adil Gilani. Interestingly post this litigation being brought by JS Bank in Germany Mr. Gilani does not write letters for Transparency International Pakistan any more. Transparency International Berlin has never claimed that the assertions made by its Pakistan chapter had any merit. In fact they have not disputed that they were wrong. Whether negligent or malignant, Haugette Labelle simply claims to have no control over their chapter. Inside sources have also confirmed that the agreement between the Berlin and Pakistan which expired last year has as yet not been renewed.