Islamabad - Apparently two laws exist in the country; one for common people and the other for the powerful.

It proved here on Monday when Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) registered a corruption case against SHO Sattar Khan and 30 to 40 other police officials but did not arrest them. If the same case was filed against some common man then he/she might have be arrested within an hour but unfortunately it did not happen in case of a police officer who is allegedly enjoying political backing.

The most interesting thing is that the police force including two top bosses of Rawalpinid have joined hands to save their colleagues from legal action and are trying to influence the probe being conducted by ACE Rawalpindi region. Moreover, the top police bosses are also pressurising the applicant to settle dispute with the police officials including Inspector Sattar Khan, reliable sources confided to The Nation on Monday.

According to sources, the ACE had registered a case (number 88) under sections 161, 152/47 on 29/9/2014 against SHO/Inspector Sattar Khan and other 30 to 40 police officials for allegedly storming into the house of a widow Rosheena at Morgah area on March 22, 2013.

The cops were accused of torturing family members and snatching Rs 7 million cash, gold ornaments and a car. The sources expressed their fear that Rawalpindi police might pressurise the widow for not pursuing the case against the SHO, who is considered very powerful and enjoys political backing in the city. The cell phone of SHO Sattar Khan, now serving as SHO Sadiqabad police station, was powered off when this scribe tried to contact him.

ACE Director Zulfiqar Ahmed, however, when contacted by this scribe to get his version on the issue, refused to speak on the matter. When this scribe tried to ask him question he simply said, “I am very busy in a hospital and can’t talk to you this time. Please contact me at some other time.”