ISLAMABAD (PR): USAID in collaboration with Human Resource Development Network (HRDN) organized stakeholder Dialogue on “An Effective Role of Federal Ombudsman Offices” on September 30, 2014 in Islamabad. The basic objective of the dialogue is to discuss current status of Federal and Provincial Ombudsman Offices in terms of service delivery and strategize a way forward to an increased public awareness about grievance redress facility and a strong and vibrant institution.

The event was started with a brief introduction citizen voice project “Mera Haqq” by Executive Director, HRDN, Mr. Suhail Awan. In his address Mr. Awan shared that HRDN is implementing “Mera Haq” project supported by USAID, in Islamabad. He stated, it’s a one year project which aims to sensitize and create awareness among citizens, especially women, youth and minority groups, about the role and responsibilities of Ombudsman office in grievance redress. Under the project, HRDN will work to provide citizens and civil society groups a platform to advocate and voice for more effective, fair and efficient grievance redress.

Mr. Awan shared, HRDN is also providing support to institutionally strengthen the office of the ombudsman through public-private partnership. It also increasing the outreach of Ombudsman’s office, and improve the coordination among stakeholders by media campaign, IEC material, radio program, stakeholder dialogues, seminars and regular monthly meeting with the targeted communities.

While talking to the ceremony Ms. Mobashshrah, Advisor to Wafaqi Mohtasib, focus on the role of Wafaqi Mohtasib and also on the performance. She said that approximately 35,000 to 40,000 complaints are addressed annually and 2013 one lakh complaints were disposed of. She stated that now complaint is decided within 60 days. Mostly ombudsman office play a role of mediator. She emphasized   that awareness among the people especially in rural areas needs to be enhance about the role of ombudsman. She appreciated the role of HRDN in enhancing awareness in the community.