BEIJING - Ministry of National Food Security and Research Pakistan will sign an agreement with Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute of China for transfer of technology to produce local vaccines to protect animals against different diseases. While talking to INP here on Sunday Dr Johar Ali , a senior official Ministry of National Food Security said that Pakistan Agriculture Research Council will sign an agreement with Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute to transfer Chinese technology to Pakistan that will help to locally produce vaccines against animal diseases. Dr Johar Ali , was among the representatives from 100 countries and international organizations who took part in the 3rd Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo recently held in China's north Western Gansu province . Dr Johar Ali said that he negotiated with China's Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute for transfer of technology to locally produce vaccines against animals diseases and memorandum of understanding will be signed soon.

He said the locally produced vaccine would not only save the precious foreign exchange but it would also create job opportunities. He said the vaccine would be produced keeping in view our environment and requirement and it could be easily transported to the remote areas.

To a question, Dr Johar Ali said that China imports meat from the USA, Brazil and several other countries and the Pakistani meat could capture the Chinese market if it is free from the mouth and foot disease. As Pakistan is China’s neighbour, its meat would be more economical due to low price and low transportation cost as compared to the world market.

While pointing out the potential of the agriculture sector, he said the concerned departments should make all-out efforts to double agriculture production which could contribute up to 11 per cent to the GDP. He said that Pakistan is still far behind from the world in production of local technology and research and development in Agriculture Sector and even we have failed to produce local seeds.

He proposed that more resources should be allocated for technology, research and education in the agriculture sector. About value addition in the agriculture products, he said, it would enhance revenues and create more job opportunities, adding we can bridge the gap between import and export.

While answering a question, he said Pakistan can benefit from the China's upcoming International Import Expo in Shanghai by increasing its agriculture exports to China. He further added that government should take step to decrease cost of production and increase quality of Agricultural products so that its prices remained competitive for exports.

He said that the Chinese government could also extend a helping hand to increase our fish production by providing technology, equipment and training to our farmers. D

DrAbid Ali, An expert and Agricultural biotechnologist from Peshawar University, who was also part of Pakistan's delegation said that As Agriculture is backbone of Pakistan Economy , Agriculture Universities of Pakistan should increase cooperation with Chinese Universities to create better quality research to benefit our Agricultural sector.

“We will be able to get useful input to further enhance cooperation between the two countries in the field of agriculture and animal sciences,” he added. He further added that government should take step to get modern agriculture machinery from China to boost agriculture production and industry.