Islamabad     -     The government has rejected Ogra’s recommendations regarding decrease in prices of petroleum products and announced to maintain the prices at current level for October.

A finance ministry press release said decision to maintain the prices has been taken to offset expected prices hike for November.

The petroleum prices in international market have been showing an upward trend from mid-Sept and are expected to remain high in November, it said.

Apparently, government has snatched away the benefit from the people for collecting extra revenue.

Ogra last week proposed Rs2.55 per litre price decrease for petrol, Rs3.23 cut for High Speed Diesel (HSD) and Rs2.41 reduction for Light Diesel Oil (LDO). It however proposed Rs1.19/litre price increase for Super Kerosene Oil (SKO).

Now the prices will remain unchanged at Rs113.24 for petrol, Rs127.14 for HSD, Rs91.89 for LDO and Rs99.57 for SKO.

The Brent oil price in international market on Sept 27 was $62.22 per barrel, on August 30, $60.14 and on July 30, it was $64.