Rawalpindi - Police have arrested a man on charges of killing his sister in law by setting her on fire in limits of Police Station Gujar Khan, a spokesman said on Monday.

The accused was identified as Siddique against whom a murder case was registered, he added. Police would produce the killer before a court of law for obtaining physical remand for further investigation, he said.

According to him, police arrested the person who killed his sister in law by setting her ablaze. A case under section of murder registered against the accused. CPO directed to challan the atrocious accused with solid evidence, he said. Organizations working for women rights appreciated the CPO for immediate arrest of the accused. According to him, Siddique had a row with his sister in law Fauzia Bibi, wife of Rafique, over breakfast, in Takya Baba Raheem Shah, area of Gujar Khan. The infuriated accused set ablaze his sister in law Fauzia who was burnt alive and died, he said.

On receiving the information of the incident, CPO Faisal Rana, directed SP Saddar, Rai Mazhar Iqbal for immediate arrest of the cruel accused. Police taking timely action, reached the spot and arrested the accused and a case has been registered with police station Gujar Khan against him under section of murder. CPO while applauding SP Saddar for timely arrest of accused in brutal criminal act, said that, if police had not arrested the accused immediately, it might have affected the social peace. CPO said that, in the era of science and social media, one cannot imagine of such brutal person who kills a women, setting her ablaze. Such persons do not deserve to be called human beings, the CPO, added. CPO said that, killing someone by setting on fire is such a painful death the humanity trembles, imagining it.

The CPO directed to challan the accused with meaningful evidence so that the Hon’ble Court may award him fearsome sentence. The CPO directed the SP to personally monitor the investigation of the case and to keep him updated on daily basis regarding the progress in the investigation. The organizations working for women rights, on social media, condemned the brutal act of killing a women by setting her on fire and commended CPO Faisal Rana over the immediate arrest of the brutal accused. Non government organizations expressed views on social media that CPO Faisal Rana gets the accused of heinous cases arrested, immediately, which speaks loud of his professional policing. Such policing will be helpful to save women from torture in future.

Meanwhile, a 70 years old woman died of dengue fever in Mumtaz Market. The deceased was identified as Zardan Bibi. According to sources, Zardan Bibi was shifted to hospital with symptoms of fever and vomiting where doctors took her blood samples and sent for dengue serology. However, the woman died, they said. The doctors have issued result of dengue serology two days after her death declaring dengue fever as cause of death.